About Shauna: art historian-in-training and lover of history. Loves looking for similarities between the Lancasters/ Yorks and the Lannisters/Starks (ie: red lions (red rose) versus white snow/winter/direwolves (white rose)), appreciates good chainmail shoulder pads and mythical creature jewelry.

Hopes Arya Stark, among a few others, is left standing.


About Earl: a lover of history and politics with degrees in both subjects. I love Game of Thrones because it is a world of intrigue, maneuvering, and strategy.
Ideologically, I would associate myself with the nobility of House Stark but I find myself drawn to the cunningness of House Lannister.

Like Shauna, I also love The War of the Roses, a desire to see Arya survive The Game of Thrones, and a sincere hope that my favorite character, Tyrion, makes it to the end.